Spider-Man Lego is cool to play with, create your own adventures with the Spider-Man characters. For years boys and girls have loved to play with Legos. There are so many types of Legos that any person can find a type that they would like to purchase. However the Spider-Man Lego sets are one of the most popular and fun type of sets out there on the market.

Bestselling Lego Spider-Man 1 Sets:

Spider-Man's First Chase

Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin - The Final Showdown

Spider-Man Action Studio

Spider-Man - Green Goblin Set

Bestselling Lego Spider-Man 2 Sets:

Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock's Bank Robbery

Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock's Fusion Lab

Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock's Crime Spree

Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock's Hide-Out

Why should you buy a Spider-Man Lego set?

The first reason that Spider-Man Legos are the most fun is that they come in a wide variety of sets that show case different crimes that Spider-Man has to deal with. There are several different types such as street chases, bank robberies, train rescues, and crime sprees. Since there are so many different types of crime sets available your child will never get bored while playing with their Spider-Man Lego sets. They will have so much fun putting together these sets and acting out all the different scenes.

Another reason why these Legos are so much fun is they come with a wide variety of characters. Spider-Man has to fight a lot of different villains and these are added into the Lego sets. Children can play with the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and many others. Children will have lots of fun being Spider-Man and defeating these villains or possibly being the villain themselves. There are also other characters that appear in Spider-Man that are not villains. These include Peter Parker, Mary Jane, as well as a few other characters. These characters are wonderful additions to the already fun scenes that are provided with these sets.

Not only do these Lego sets have great characters but they also have a vast amount of vehicles that come with the sets. There are cars, trains, boats, ambulances, trucks, and many other vehicles. All of these different kinds of vehicles provide your children with many hours of fun. There are so many different types that they will not know which one to choose to play with.

There are also different features that make these play sets so amazing. For example the Spider-Man Train Rescue Lego set has a launcher to make the train really move. Each set has its own unique features to make the set really fun to play with.

Along with all the features, the Spider-Man sets also come with a lot of different pieces. Children will be able to use these pieces to build a lot of different sets in order to play with them. There is a wonderful amount of pieces even with these sets selling at a great cost.

These sets come with many different pieces that provide hours of fun for children. They will spend hours building the sets and playing with the characters. They can even relive their favorite parts in the movies or comic books. There are a lot of fun moments to be had with these Lego sets. All you have to do is go out and buy one for your child. You will not be sorry that you did.